My books are going to the moon!

Yes, you read that right! My books are going to the moon. I’m thrilled to be part of Writers on the Moon

Writers on the Moon!

Velocity Resist and Velocity Rising are going to the moon!

My books (along with a group other author’s books) will be onboard the Astrobotic Peregrine Lunar Lander bound for the Lunar surface.

It will travel from the Earth on the Vulcan Centaur rocket platform on July 2021, headed to Lacus Mortis, the “Lake of Death”, a hexagonal-shaped plain of basaltic lava flows in the north eastern part of the Moon’s near face.


Astrobotic Peregrine Lander


Writers on the Moon is a lunar time capsule project. We’ll send a rag-tag fleet of stories to the Moon aboard a digital data card. We hope this snapshot of indie fiction from around the world in 2021 will reveal the humanity of today to the readers of tomorrow.


Astrobotic and DHL have partnered to deliver “MoonBoxes” aboard Astrobotic’s lunar landers. Our payload will ride on the first Astrobotic lander to reach the Moon, the Peregrine Lander.  It will remain there permanently, a time capsule for the future.

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What’s next on the agenda? I’m thinking Mars!

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