Velocity Resist

When Aiden and the crew of the scout ship encounter an alien threat during a recon mission, they risk their lives to recover their lost allies.

But when hundreds of the alien enemy, the Terudithans, land on the planet, can they escape their clutches and live to tell the tale?

Or will they meet their demise and become casualties of the galactic war they were born into?

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Velocity Rising

Coming January 2019



War rages across the galaxy.

The Terudithans are prepared to destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.

Aiden Lomax is no hero, but he’s a survivor and a fighter and he’s prepared to fight until his dying breath to defeat the aliens. With his wife and son dead, planet Earth over-run with alien vermin, Aiden figures he has nothing left to lose. As Squad Leader of Scout Ship TC-32, Aiden’s first job is to protect his crew. But when a Terudithan cruiser locks on to his ship, he is forced into making hard and fast decisions.

Out gunned and out manned can Aiden rise to the challenge and be the hero humanity needs?

 Or will he and his crew meet their demise like so many before them?

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