Angie’s passion for science fiction was piqued early on when she saw the first Star Wars movie at the drive in theatre. Although she loved Princess Leia her dream as a child was to fly an X-wing fighter! Angie grew up in rural Tasmania, with the wild outdoors, a budding imagination, and four siblings for company.

For many years her family camped and fished their way around Australia and that is when she fell in love with the night sky and the ever-changing landscapes. She felt compelled to capture every moment so she turned to photography and later astronomy. Her love of travel and the great outdoors inspired her to become a nature photographer and freelance writer.

Angie wrote for a four wheel drive and camping magazine for eight years. Occasionally she took groups of readers out on photographic tours of the WA wildflowers. Angie’s background includes Electronic Publishing, Graphic Arts and Print Publishing. 

She studied photography and Graphic Arts at the WA School of Art and Design and turned her passion for astronomy and art into book covers and digital art. Angie is writing a science fiction series (released soon) and is a serious space geek. 

Angie currently lives an interesting and challenging existence somewhere in Australia (they move around a lot to see doctors) with two children and a dog.